Click on the images below to review the requirements for each badge.  The documents are in Adobe format (see link below to download Adobe Reader if you don't already have it installed).  The documents can be printed and the progress monitored until the badge is completed.

aircraft badge First Aid and Health Projects Badge

aquanaut badge

Fishing Badge Recycling Badge

artist badge

Flying Models Badge

(no requirements available)

athletes badge

Gardening Badge Repairs Badge
birds badge Geologist Badge Scholar Badge
boating badge Handcraft Badge Scientist
Chess Badge Homecraft Badge Secret Codes
Civil Emergency Landscaping Badge Showman
Collector Badge Linguist Badge Signalling Badge
computer badge Machines Badge Singer Badge
Conservation Badge Masks Badge Skies Badge
Cooking Badge Model Boats Badge Sportsmans Badge
Craftsman Badge Naturalist Swimmer Badge
Cycling Badge Nature Craft Badge Traveller Badge
Drawing Badge Our Heritage Working Toys Badge
Engineer Badge Outdoorsman Badge
Entertaining Badge
Pets Badge World Environment
Family Camping Photography Badge

File containing all the badge

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