The Lion KingAimed at children aged 5 to 7 years old, Meerkats meet every Saturday from 9:00 to 10:15 at the Randburg Scout Hall (see the contacts page for directions).  They work towards badges in the same way as Cubs and Scouts.  In order to achieve the honour of their uniform, they need to memorise details such as their phone number, mom and dad's name, their address, etc.

While the Cubs base all their planning around the Jungle Book, the Meerkats base ours on the Lion King, with the same message of good versus evil, teamwork and helping each other that the Jungle Book has, but with an African flavour.

The story of the Lion King teaches the Meerkats many things.

  • Meerkats always help those in need - like Timone helped Simba
  • Meerkats must listen to their parents as disobeying has consequences - like Simba with Mafusa
  • Meerkats must work together to achieve goals - like Timone, Pumba and Simba

Our Meerkat well-done is "koer-koer".   This is the sound a Meerkat makes when he/she is happy.

MeerkatMeerkat Song:

We are the Meerkats

We stand tall

It doesn't really matter

That we are still small

We try our best

Just like the rest

'Cause we are the MEERKATS!!

Meerkat Prayer:

Help us to be kind

Help us to be good

Help us to Stand Tall

And do the things we should